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Request a quote today & connect with an expert!

Request a quote today & connect with an expert!

Expand the superior HD experience from just your living room to multiple TV’s around the home. Multi room high definition systems deliver “whole house” HD so you can watch & control all your favorite HD sources from wherever you are.

Parents can enjoy their favourite movies & sporting events in glorious 4K HD in the lounge whilst the children can be in the family room or bedrooms watching & controlling the firestick, apple TV, 2nd Sky or Virgin box, in fact any other high definition source you can think of!

Have all your HD source equipment located in one place or even hidden away in a cupboard doing away with all the unsightly cables, leads & sockets.

With the universal remote App loaded onto your smartphone & tablet you will be able to effortlessly control your system & Watch and control your Sky Q, Sky+ HD box, Blu-ray player, Apple TV or FreeSat box independently from every TV in the house.

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